January, 2017


How Healthy Food Will Extend Your Life

The best way to describe healthy food is food that contains all the nutrients your body needs to function each day. Health experts agree that eating healthy is the most important thing to do if you want to keep diseases away. This is how healthy food extends your life. Healthy foods will improve your immune system. This way, you will be less susceptible to diseases as well as recover faster when you fall ill or have an injury. Fruits, berries and vegetables contain vitamins which are the best immune boosters.Read More

Hemorrhoids Overview

Hemorrhoids are a condition of the veins in the anal tract getting swollen. Though a very common problem and a not so serious one, it can often be painful and traumatic. Usually two types of hemorrhoids are found. Internal hemorrhoids occur when the swollen veins are deep inside the anal canal. When the swelling is near the anal exit and often visible outside, it is called external hemorrhoids. You can suffer from either or both at any given time. The remedies and symptoms depend on the type of hemorrhoid. CausativeRead More

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Many people today have decided to take the first step to a healthy lifestyle by choosing a healthy diet and getting some exercise. These people know the importance of staying healthy that is why opted to stay away from things that are bad for them. But there are still some people who are a bit reluctant to try out new things to improve their lifestyles. Our blood pressure and cholesterol are two very important indicators of what kind of lifestyle we are living in.  The name blood pressure refers toRead More