The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Many people today have decided to take the first step to a healthy lifestyle by choosing a healthy diet and getting some exercise. These people know the importance of staying healthy that is why opted to stay away from things that are bad for them. But there are still some people who are a bit reluctant to try out new things to improve their lifestyles.

Our blood pressure and cholesterol are two very important indicators of what kind of lifestyle we are living in.  The name blood pressure refers to the force calculated at a person’s upper arm. It is one of the primary vital signs of a person. Our blood pressure can be monitored through devices such as a sphygmomanometer, which is also known as a blood pressure meter. Getting high blood pressure means that you are in danger of having hypertension. This is not acceptable especially if you are still a middle-aged person.

Cholesterol is a ceraceuos, fattish substance that crops up naturally in every single part of the body. Our bodies require a certain amount of cholesterol to perform appropriately, but too much of it can lead to the clogging of our arteries. A high level of cholesterol in our blood can also result to a heart disease. One way to find out if you have high cholesterol in your body is to get a blood test. If your family has a history of high cholesterol then it is likely for you to have it as well, especially if you are on the heavy side and if your eat a lot of fatty food.

It is very important for people to monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol level especially when they are older because our blood pressure and cholesterol level tends to rise at this point of age. One way of regulating them is by exercising. Cardiovascular exercises are very effective way to maintain a low blood pressure and cholesterol. This will also help maintain your weight to a level you choose to be in.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. If you avoid smoking cigarettes you will reduce both your blood pressure and cholesterol level. If you are a chain smoker or an occasional smoker, it is best for you to slowly reduce the number of sticks you smoke in a day. But do not abruptly stop, this is also bad for you too. Maintain the pace you are able to do and one day, without you realizing it, you have already stopped smoking.

When it comes to your diet, you should be very careful. You have to choose a diet that is low in fat and sodium. Stay away from oily food that is rich in cholesterol. These kinds of food will make you fat and is not good for the heart. You might want to stay away from bad cholesterol coming from animal products and instead opt for good cholesterol coming from plant products.

If you want a more thought out plan for your exercise and diet, get a personal trainer and a dietician. These people are trained professionals so they will be able to provide you with a very effective exercise plan and a healthy diet as well. Most importantly, never ever take any medication to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol unless prescribed by a doctor. Don’t risk your health and your own safety by doing self-medication.


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