Have Allergies? Don’t Panic!

Allergies are the immune system’s hypersensitive reaction to certain environmental substances. These environmental substances, which are called allergens, may cause allergic reactions to some people but may appear harmless to others. The most common allergens are pollen from flowers and trees, dust mites and molds from your house or your office, dander and fur from your pet, some types of food, some insect stings, and most especially certain types of medicine.

Much research have proven that getting allergies can be hereditary and sometimes through environmental aspects. So if someone in your family has allergic reactions to certain stuff like food or medicine then you certainly are at risk of also having the same allergic reactions to these things. It might be milder reactions or could even be stronger ones.

You will find out that you are allergic to something through symptoms such as excessive coughing, having trouble breathing, getting hives on the skin, getting itchy eyes, nose and skin, getting rashes and many others. But certain people do not always have the same reactions to allergens as compared with others. They may have several allergic reactions to one allergen or just a single reaction.

Many people often have food allergies mostly with nuts, especially peanuts. Some allergic reactions to peanuts are so severe that it becomes risky for the health of the person suffering from it. Other common food allergens are eggs, milk, seafood, and some fruits and vegetables.

There are a number of ways to diagnose allergies but the 2 most common is skin testing and blood testing. With skin testing, the skin is being evaluated for allergen-specific anti-bodies. Many people prefer this method if diagnosing allergies because it is easier to perform, the results can be easily seen and most of all, since it is inexpensive. Blood testing is also favored by many people as a way to diagnose certain allergies. Like Skin testing, it is much simpler to do than other types of testing methods.

Before you decide on taking prescription medication for your allergies, it is very important that you consult your doctors first. The doctor will be able to tell you the specific dosage and the type of medicine that is right for you. To be safer, one solution to control your allergies is by completely avoiding them.


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